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Buying a home during Covid-19


Ok did this seriously just happen!!

It almost feels like we are in a twilight zone! How did our world just stop? shut down boom! Just like that.

If you had a crystal ball and could see that the world would have been turned upside down with the coronavirus what would you do differently? Perhaps, stock up on hand sanitizers, face
and toilet paper? Many say it has been an opportunity to appreciate what we have and spend quality time with our families. The fact is families are busy in today’s world, rushing in and out of the house, getting home from work, only to rush out to drop our kids off to dance or soccer practice, endless dinners in the car, laundry piling up and lots of chores to complete around the house. Yes that’s life and that’s what we have been used to, but today we face this unprecedented pandemic, we think of all the lives lost all the families affected and it definitely makes you appreciate our busy lives.



But as the weeks went by I realized there was an opportunity emerging for buyers, coming from the months before buyers were bidding for homes, paying over the asking price and missing out home after home, creating disappointment time and time again. Don’t get me wrong I am still seeing bidding wars happening but definitely not as much, but along with that I am also seeing homes sitting on the market for longer than usual, if you are thinking of buying or if you had hoped to do so this year, don’t let an opportunity pass, doors don’t open always but when it does we need to be ready to jump!



Was buying a home this year a goal of yours?


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